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KBC Official Website by Kaun Banega Crorepati

           We heartily welcome you on KBC Official Website, an authentic and trusted source of information about Kaun Banega Crorepati Lottery. Kaun Banega Crorepati Game Show is India’s cherished and most watched TV show. Kaun Banega Crorepati lottery program (KBC lottery ) is most trusted and famous lottery in India. 

              Official Website of KBC is a surprise tool for  Lottery winners to Check  as well as Collect KBC lottery. It is most convenient way to access KBC services. Here you get all KBC Services under a single roof. Don’t worry about KBC lottery and visit our official website, if you required any assistance


KBC Official Website by Kaun Banega Crorepati

                        There is an official website for KBC- Kaun Banega Crorepati. Where you will get all the relevant and authentic information about KBC. KBC’s official website has all the material for you to check out. On the KBC website, you can check how to participate in the game, the requirements to register for an online KBC session, check the KBC lottery winners list, how to avoid fraud, verify your lottery results, and be aware of KBC scams, etc.

                          You can get in touch with KBC supervisors and representatives via the KBC official website. Your time is not wasted on this website but your time is worth it as the KBC website is a good source of getting education an entertainment too. Moreover, this website frequently updates the changes or features of the KBC game show.

Intro to Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Game Show

                          This show was started in 2000 by the most famous actor Amitabh Bachchan which added more charm and glam to this show. Through this show, people get to know Amitabh Bachchan as a
host too. This show not only changes the life and appearance of participants but also of the host.
Kaun Banega Crorepati gives participants the chance to win up to 7 crore rupees. Participants are
asked one question at a time with 4 four possible choices from which the right one is to be chosen.

                          For some questions the solution is not available, then you are provided with a variety of
lifelines possibilities. In order to make program more flexible a lifeline is also provided. this lifeline can be used by participant only one time. KBC has added many features to the KBC Game Show which make it very interesting and full of enjoyment.

KBC Official Website Contact Number- WhatsApp Calling

KBC Head Office Kolkata

KBC Head Office Mumbai

All India Helpline

Why only KBC Official Website Numbers?

                 As everyone knows that KBC has become the most popular Game Show of India. with the increase in the fame of KBC, KBC scams has been increased because people taking very keen interest in KBC lottery programs. Scammers are using the identity of KBC to make innocent people fool. Furthermore, the KBC scammers are using fake KBC head office or helpline numbers. As these numbers are not authorized by KBC official team so don’t call on that numbers. 

                          For the prosperity and safety of KBC Winners, we have launched our official numbers for both dialing as well as WhatsApp calling. Due to high rate of KBC scam you are requested to only call on the KBC official Website Contact numbers. However, if you need any help about KBC lottery program you can also contact us through official KBC numbers available at KBC official Website. 

KBC Official Website Contact Number List

                  Need any help? We’v started offering our customers online support. Call us right away at the KBC Head Office Numbers if you have any problems. These numbers are accessible around-the-clock in all significant cities. Our support staff will provide you with appropriate guidance and address your issue. All the related queries will be entertained. These cities currently have access to the KBC Official Head Office Numbers. i.e., Mumbai and Kolkata

KBC Head Office Kolkata +91-94387-40115

KBC Head Office Mumbai +1-91-8888-4390

Registration for KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) Season 14 Has Started

                   Over the years the KBC has built loyal fan followings. KBC cemented a special position in the hearts of his followers. For fans of KBC, forgetting this game show will now be very challenging. Registration for KBC Season 14 has begun, you can sign up online for the KBC. You may get a chance to meet Sir. Bachchan is on the royal seat. You will find all the information on the official website of KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati). You may also call the official KBC head office number for more information. Hurry up and grab the opportunity

Our featurs

Features of KBC Official Website

         KBC has developed its official website for the convenience of its customers. For our respected customers KBC Official website is providing a lot of services. Our top services provided on KBC Official Website are proudly listed here:

  • Registration in KBC Game Show
  • Confirmation of KBC Lottery Online
  • Collection of KBC Lottery Prize online
  • Submission of KBC Complaints Online


KBC Lottery Scheme 2022

                               We welcome you all to your favorite KBC show official website, KBC JIO lottery winner 2022. The KBC show is open to all Indians who are 18 and above. Moreover, this opportunity is open to foreign Indians too. They may also register and participate in the KBC show from anywhere in the world.

                                For any query or to inquire about any information regarding the lottery scheme or KBC game show, you can always email the KBC official email address. The KBC official team is always there to assist you with the registration process, information about next season, confirmation of the lottery prize amount, KBC Jio lottery winner listing verification, and guidance on how to avoid lottery scams and lottery traps.

                                If anyone calls you and claims to be a member of the KBC official team, always cross-check the numbers on our official website. Frequently visit our KBC official website to stay up to date about KBC’s upcoming season’s news and schedules.

How to Participate in the KBC Live Show Lottery Game?

                                    As the show is getting more popular day by day, we get a lot of queries regarding how to take part in the KBC lottery winner game show for the Next Season. No need to worry about it. It’s a very easy process. For registration, you need to recharge your JIO Sim Card and make multiple entries. The higher the entries, the more chances for selection in the game show. Although the process is super easy, still if you have any confusion you may immediately call the office staff at the KBC head office number. The official team is available to guide you through the phone line and WhatsApp. Call +919438740115 for a Live Call and Whatsapp Chat at +1918888439.

How Can You Win the KBC Lottery Prize in 2022?

                         All the people can participate but this game is for those who have the courage and the confidence to compete and face the competition in the Live Show of KBC. This is a great opportunity for all the people. The winners you watch on TV are not super intelligent people. All people are like you as an average human being. They have the knowledge and confidence to face the people.

                         Do you know you can also get knowledge and can take part in the competition? All you need to do this to practice the KBC show questions daily and follow KBC on all the social networking sites to stay updated. So, you can include your name in the KBC Winner List for the upcoming seasons.

Documents Requirements for KBC Game Show

  1. Candidate needs to submit for 4 recent passport-sized colored pictures
  2. For name & background verification candidates need to have any of the following documents: Birth certificate, Pancard, Voter ID, Driver’s License, Passport, or Aadhar Card.
  3. You may show Landline bill/Electric bill, Passport, Voter ID, Driver’s License, UID Adhar card, and Ration card for address verification.
  4. All the documents are just required to confirm your citizenship.

How is the Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) Game Played?

  • KBC is a normal quiz show.
  • The host asks various topical questions at various levels of the game.
  • For each accurate response, the amount of the prize will progressively rise, encouraging participation.
  • They can use lifelines if they find it difficult to answer any question.
  • A participant may select one of several lifelines while responding.
  • Answering questions correctly increases the chances to win a jackpot amount of prizes.
  • The participant can also quit the game in the middle but after using all the lifelines. More features are added to the game to make it more interesting and challenging.

KBC Official Website 25 lakh Lottery – KBC Lottery Schemes

           Hurray! KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati ) has launched a KBC 25 lakh lottery through KBC official website. The purpose of KBC official website 25 lakh lottery is to help the needy and poor people during the Covid-19 pandemic.  According to a Business-standard authentic report, the lockdowns due to Covid-19 pandemic pushed pushed 23 crore Indians below the  poverty line. In the  view of these critical circumstances, the KBC team took a stand and launched  the KBC Official website 25 lakh lottery for the poor Indians.

            In this KBC Official website 25 lakh lottery scheme, A lucky draw is held on 10000 sim cards, out of which more than 1000 lucky numbers win KBC lottery of worth ₹25 lakh Indian rupees. If you don’t know how to check and verify KBC lottery or want to  get any information, please contact KBC officers through KBC Official Website Contact Numbers only. For the convenience and safety of our KBC Winners, KBC lottery amount is sent directly to the winner’s bank account, so there is no need to worry about the collection of your KBC lottery amount.

             KBC is providing a great opportunity for every Indian. It would be great to take full advantage of KBC  opportunity to fulfil your dreams. To win KBC Lottery no extra effort is required. It totally depends on your luck. So be lucky to win KBC Lottery. If you want to get  the correct and authentic KBC lottery winners list 2022, call us at KBC Official Contact Numbers.

KBC Head Office Kolkata +91-94387-40115

KBC Head Office Mumbai +1-91-8888-4390

How to Register on the Website for the 25 Lakh Lottery?

                           To take part in the lottery, you must have to visit them frequently and try for updates. When registration is open you are required to send a message on WhatsApp with your essential details to join the lottery game. After some days you need to visit the site again to check your lottery number in the list on the homepage of the KBC official website. Furthermore, if you want to go to the show, you can register again for the show participation.

                            KBC officials frequently do updates on the website so, may get all the latest information on the KBC show. You will find the winners list on KBC’s official site. If you have any queries or you want to participate in the game you may contact the KBC online team anytime.

                           If you feel that you will be scammed online, you may visit the KBC website and check your lottery number. The lottery is done after every 15 days and results also come out on the website. You may also check your lottery number by contacting KBC officials.

How the 25 Lakh Lottery is Done?

                        To win a 25 lakhs lottery lucky draw is done by KBC Officials on 5000 SIM cards. Out of 5000, some are selected and they win 25 lakh lottery. The actual 25 lakh lottery amount is in (INR). If you don’t know whether you are the winner of the 25lakhs lottery. Don’t worry, just call the KBC official and they will tell you about it. If you are one of the lucky winners of the lottery prize, your prize would be directly transferred to your account.

Requirements for KBC 25 lakh Lottery

                             When registering on KBC for the 25 lakh lottery, you need to fulfill some requirements.

  • You must be 18 or above
  • Must be a resident of India
  • Bank account details (for prize transfer)
  • Must have a citizenship Card

                              Moreover, you will get the latest information about the KBC show on the official website. You may also call or do a live chat on the website anytime.

All India SIM Card WhatsApp IMO lucky Draw

                          A well-liked method of aiding those who are having trouble in their lives is through the All India sim card WhatsApp IMO lucky draw. Customers can use this system to validate their numbers and earn fantastic prizes. You must WhatsApp the KBC All India Sim Card support lines if you wish to confirm your lottery numbers. It can be done in 2 different ways. Use WhatsApp to send a message to KBC All India Sim card WhatsApp Imo helpline +919438740115 or dial KBC toll-free number +1918888439

                        Why waste a life-changing opportunity? For what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity before you miss it. It all depends on your luck. So, why not try your luck? No effort is needed to win a jackpot amount of 2.5 million. You just have to register and then wait for the results announcement on the website. Last, to confirm the correct KBC lottery winner list, call the KBC customer care number +1918888439.

KBC Official Lottery winners 2022 list – KBC Official Website

                             The KBC lottery results are announced twice a month. You may check your lottery number online on the KBC official website. The lottery winners include the name and the lottery number. All the lottery winners may withdraw the lottery money within 5 years.

                              An interesting thing about the lottery game is that the winner’s names are frequently changed. This increases the chances of many people winning the lottery. Those who have already won the lottery may also win the lottery again after a few years. So, it’s a big opportunity for all the Indians.

Your Name Is Not on the list of 25 lakhs lottery winners

                           If you had received an SMS or a call from the KBC department that you are the KBC lottery winner. To confirm that, if you visit the website you didn’t find your name and the lucky number for the lottery so, don’t worry there must be some reasons behind it.

  1. You may be last month’s winner and the results are announced twice a month.
  2. Maybe you haven’t contacted the KBC office to confirm your name and the lucky number for a draw.
  3. Maybe you have received a fake call about the KBC lottery winner.

Essential Instructions for KBC Lottery Winners 2022

                                 Here are some general guidelines you need to follow to be a KBC lottery winner. Who doesn’t want to win 25 lakhs? So, no need to worry. These instructions are for those people who have never taken part in any lottery game or had never won the lottery in KBC.

                                  Maybe you have won the lottery in the past, but you don’t know how to check it. There are some methods to find out the lucky winner’s name on the list. You simply need to follow these steps to check out if you have won the KBC Lottery.

  1. Always call the KBC Helpline or KBC office for every query related to KBC.
  2. You should know you are the lucky number for the lottery draw. To confirm your lottery number, you will be entertained, in these ways through the KBC Helpline.
  3. You have to request to collect any information related to your KBC lottery or lottery number
  4. Be aware of scams! Don’t share your lottery information with anyone.
  5. If you announced the prize of any legal info about the lottery then, KBC officials won’t be responsible for any kind of loss or fraud that happened to you.
  6. Publicizing will increase security concerns regarding the lottery. Maybe it turns out to be a threat to you and your family.

                               These are all the threat possibilities that can occur so, be aware of KBC’s fake lottery calls. We will recommend frequently visiting KBC’s official website for the latest updates and also following all the instructions to avoid yourself from being a scam.

5 KBC Official Website Tips That Will Help to Win KBC Lottery In 2022.

                       Here come 5 amazing tips that will surely change anyone’s life.

  • You should have month old cell number
  • Frequently visit KBC’s official website to get updated with the latest info.
  • Check your lottery on WhatsApp SMS in any call or on the website.
  • If you have won the lottery, immediately click on the Whatsapp button on the KBC official website and contact the KBC support team.
  • Call the KBC helpline number and confirm your 25 lakh lottery. They will check and inform you how to receive the lottery prize in your bank account.

Ways To Win More Exciting Prizes

                             Here comes one more opportunity to win an exciting cash prize. You can earn cash by playing an online quiz and receiving your money on Paytm. You can win up to 24500000 rupees to 1 crore (INR).

Why Do People Like KBC?

                         KBC is free and open to all. It doesn’t have any kind of registration fee. This allows all Indians who are above 18 to test their luck. Registration can easily be done any time through the KBC head office or on the official website. The leading player of KBC is Mr. Amitabh Bachchan who is the front leader of the team. KBC official Team is on Duty 24/7 Hours for the people to entertain any query about the KBC show. All the KBC members are well experienced, hard-working, and have great management skills which lead to executing all things greatly and smoothly.

                            It is a game of entertainment and a game of Luck. KBC is a life-changing game for Indian People. It’s a game of Luck. The KBC show has changed many poor people’s lives into a bright future. The KBC Lottery game is one of the sources of removing poverty from India. KBC has changed many Indian people’s lives.

KBC Official Website (Webpage) 2022

We always give the latest and most authentic information to our customers about the Kaun

Banega Crorepati Show. There are many fake and artificial websites, so before trusting any website verify it from an authentic source. Avoid giving your details on every website you may be scammed by fakers.

You can easily rely on our website as we provide authentic information and provide you with frequent updates. Our website is authentic because it is verified by KBC Amitabh Bachchan. He is solely the leader of helping sites related to KBC.

Some Words on Kaun Banega Crorepati Show

KBC-Kaun Banega Crorepati is famous because it is led by legend Amitabh Bachan (Big B). Do you know Shahrukh Khan also hosts this show? He was not much successful to host the shows compared to Amitabh. You can easily take part in the game by signing up for the registration process on the official website: www.kbcofficialsite.com

From season 1 to 13 KBC has become a reason for life-changing for many people. Many people have to make a real jackpot amount of money from the KBC show.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the opportunity and fulfill all your desires and dreams. To participate in the lottery or the game no such effort is required. All the process is so simple and online. It’s a game of luck, so why not try it once?

For your satisfaction, you must check the KBC Lottery Winner List above. Have a look at the list, you can also become the next winner.

In addition, we can remark that it is a popular choice among residents of India and a few neighboring nations. Every community in the world adores KBC.

Get In Touch With Us!

KBC WhatsApp Support

KBC Head Office Kolkata

KBC Head Office Mumbai

KBC Customer support Email address

1. support@kbcprizewinner.com
2. lottery@kbcprizewinner.com

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Most frequent questions and answers

How to Contact the Kaun Banega Crorepati’s Official Team?

You can easily contact Kaun Banega Crorepati’s official team by doing a WhatsApp msg or voice notes and by simply calling on the SIM. Here are the KBC contact numbers available on the official website of KBC:

KBC Head Office Kolkata +91-94387-40115

KBC Head Office Mumbai +1-91-8888-4390

Who is Kaun Banega Crorepati Manager of Mumbai?

Mr. Rana Partab Singh is the KBC Lottery Manager in Mumbai. He is serving in KBC for 10 due to his honest and loyal nature.

However, beware of scams taking place under the name of Rana Partab Singh and KBC. To avoid scams contact KBC Rana Partab Singh directly. Here is the number:

KBC Head Office Kolkata +91-94387-40115

KBC Head Office Mumbai +1-91-8888-4390

Who was the Winner of 7 Crore in Season 13?

Sahil Ahirwar, a 19 years old boy was the winner of  Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 13. He was the second winner of KBC. He was from Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur. He won 21 crores for responding to questions correctly based in the Sanskrit language.

However, he quit the game when 7 crore questions were asked which were related to biology.

This was the short story of the winner of season 13.


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Kaun Banega Crorepati

Kaun Banega Crorepati is an Indian Game Show aired by Sony TV. KBC is India’s most popular TV show.

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